Start Center - Strategic Analysis, Research & Training Center


The START Center includes a multidisciplinary team of research assistants, faculty and staff whose combined expertise and backgrounds, along with a strong work ethic, enable START to produce valuable analysis and inform strategic decision making for global and domestic public health organizations.

The START Center’s cultural norms are important building blocks that help shape our team’s identity. These norms are valued elements of START’s team culture and underlie all of the work that we do.

START Cultural Norms

We are committed to excellence

  • Going above and beyond to produce exemplary work
  • Motivated by the impact of our work and proud to be a part of START

We are a diverse team

  • Everyone at START brings a different and unique set of skills that are equally respected and are valuable
  • Always be professional, respectful, responsible and flexible

We are a community

  • We want to see your smiling face! Great collaboration and teamwork happen through in-person interactions with all of START
  • Be supportive of everyone and willing to step in and give a helping hand when needed
  • We celebrate our successes and spend quality time together outside of our work
  • STARTer for Life! You are now part of a fantastic community and network that continues to extend and expand over time

We invest in ourselves and each other

  • Practice open, proactive communication: If you have a question, ask it! If you have a concern, raise it!
  • Be open to receiving feedback to further your growth as well as providing it for all START
  • Develop your own leadership style and help to further develop others’ styles

We are… START!