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Demand Investments

Demand Investments

 The Integrated Delivery team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is planning to engage further in the demand side of family planning to ensure successful achievement of Family Planning 2020 (FP2020). The BMGF approached the START Center to conduct a review of recent and current BMGF investments, major donors in focus countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria, and a literature review of demand-side interventions of family planning in Sub-Saharan Africa. Recent and current demand-side family planning interventions were reviewed for United States Agency for International Development, Department for International Development (UK), and Canadian International Development Assistance. The START team was specifically asked to focus the literature review on the following topics: private sector (proprietary private medicine vendors and consumer perceptions), new media (with a focus on social media), adolescents and youth, injectable contraceptives (with an emphasis on Sayana Press), and contraceptive discontinuation. The START team also conducted ten interviews with four BMGF employees and six key informants within the family planning sector and/or focus geography. Findings from the research support future investments that include a multi-pronged approach for demand generating investments, robust impact assessment for social media interventions, and continued investments in supply-side support alongside demand-side. Additionally, the START team identified research gaps in sub-populations among youth and adolescents, specifically among those younger than 15, males, and marginalized/vulnerable youth. Across the five themes, new media had the weakest evidence and private sector engagement had the strongest evidence, in regards to evidence of effectiveness for generating demand in family planning.  Detailed challenges and facilitators for each theme are detailed in the final presentation and report.


6 / 2 / 2017


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Final Presentation

Demand Investments Final Presentation
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Final Report

Demand Investments Final Report
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DRC Country Profile
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Nigeria Country Profile
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