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Joey Frostad

Data Science Consultant

Joey holds a PhD in Health Metrics and a MPH in Global Health - Health Metrics & Evaluation track, both from the UW School of Public Health. He works primarily on research in geospatial estimation, particularly with the application of data science techniques to the field of environmental justice. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked at IHME for six years. He is a graduate of IHME’s Post-Bachelor Fellowship program, where he conducted a thesis project on spatial interpolation of air pollution in China and earned his MPH from the University of Washington. Joining IHME as an undergraduate student assistant in 2011 and working his way up to a researcher position allowed him the opportunity to be involved in a variety of research efforts relevant to global descriptive epidemiology. Most recently, he had been leading the production of environmental and occupational risk factor burden estimates for the 2016 iteration of the Global Burden of Disease.

Joey currently works as a Data Science Consultant for a global health nonprofit.