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Scott McClelland

Former Faculty Lead

Dr. McClelland's expertise is in women's reproductive health, with a focus on vaginal infections, STIs, and HIV. In this context, Dr. McClelland has conducted research in Kenya since 1998. He currently leads several large studies in Kenya including a NICHD R01 (Women's Lifecourse Events and HIV Transmission Potential: A Multidisciplinary Study), and a study within an NICHD P01 (Mechanisms and Cofactors for HIV Acquisition in Women; Study 2 leader). His published work from Kenya includes 5 clinical trials, numerous studies addressing questions related to antiretroviral treatment as prevention, qualitative research, and behavioral intervention studies (120 peer-reviewed publications of original research). Dr. McClelland's research allows him to provide mentorship to young Kenyan and US investigators in Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, and Global Health. In addition to conducting high-quality research, a major focus of my work in Kenya for the past 17 years has been development of human resources, infrastructure, and technology transfer.

Specific skills: HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Woman's Reproductive Health, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Mentoring