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Shira Grayson

Healthcare & Life Sciences Analyst
Slalom Consulting

After receiving her B.S. in Biology and Global Health from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Shira worked on interdisciplinary research projects at the Center for Women’s Health Research in Wisconsin and at the University of Minnesota in the departments of Food Science and Nutrition. Shira also led health advocacy and reproductive health education initiatives at two non-profit health organizations in Minneapolis. Most recently, she worked at the International Society for Stem Cell Research where she served as the International Program Coordinator. Shira is interested in strengthening primary health care delivery systems, improving maternal and child health outcomes, and better understanding the social, environmental, and genetic determinants of health. Shira graduated with her MPH in Genetics in June 2019 and accepted a consulting position with Sage Bionetworks. In February 2020, Shira began her current role as a Healthcare and Lifestyles Analyst at Slalom Consulting.