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Stephen Maley


Steve is an Epidemiologist for the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health. After completing a Ph.D. in Epidemiology at the end of 2013, he taught a class on science writing at the University of Washington and writing about contemporary issues in public health until June of 2018.  In particular, he is interested in how emerging technologies such as prenatal genetic testing, genetic engineering, and a male contraception “pill” may impact society. He teaches a class, the Science and Technology of Human Reproduction, exploring these issues. Steve was a research assistant with START from 2012-2013 while completing his dissertation research on HPV-related cancers.  In addition to his Ph.D., Steve has an MPH and MS degrees in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Applied Mathematics from UW and a BA in Biology from Pomona College.

What I loved about START projects was the urgency – created by deadline pressure from our contacts at The Foundation as well as by the team’s awareness that our work could save human lives. I also appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with extremely talented people. My START experience set me on the path I have been on since finishing my Ph.D. by giving me the confidence to learn about new technology and reminding me that I enjoy writing.