Start Center - Strategic Analysis, Research & Training Center

Publication Digests

START produces two monthly publication digests: the Vaccine Delivery Digest and the Gut Health Digest. The START team, comprised of one research assistant and faculty mentor, conducts a comprehensive monthly search to identify new research manuscripts published in academic journals and catalogued via online databases, and reviews the literature to identify articles of relevance to the fields of vaccine access and delivery and gut health. Approximately 250-300 publications are scanned each month, from which 10 of the most high-impact articles are chosen for focus.  START researchers summarize key content from the studies which may be directly relevant to stakeholders working in the vaccine delivery and access and enteric disease fields. The digests highlight key take-away points and lessons learned from the studies, and includes brief methodological critiques of study design or analysis features which may be important for stakeholders to consider when using the results  to inform real-world decision making and application.

The digest has become a valued source for academic partners and the scientific community, funders, international NGO members, programmatic and policy leaders, and national and local stakeholders globally.