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START Systematic Review Published in Journal of International AIDS Society

START Systematic Review Published in Journal of International AIDS Society

The Journal of International AIDS Society published a systemic review conducted by START Research Assistants Dylan Green, Diana Tordoff, and Brenda Kharono, with mentorship from Dr. Paul K. Drain and Dr. Ann Duerr. The publication titled “Evidence of sociodemographic heterogeneity across the HIV treatment cascade and progress towards 90-90-90 in sub-Saharan Africa – a systematic review and meta-analysis” identifies demographic and risk-behavior groups associated with each of UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals: awareness of HIV status, enrollment on HIV treatment, and achievement of viral suppression.

In 2018, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation engaged the START Center to conduct this systematic review and the completed research has gone on to support work for the Institute for Disease Modeling regarding demographic disparities in the 90-90-90 targets in Swaziland. The START Project Manager, Dylan Green, presented START’s findings in a session at the AIDS 2018 Conference in Amsterdam. The session presented evidence on the demographic profile, risk behaviors, and mobility patterns of individuals across the treatment and care cascade, and provided a critical analysis of the epidemiologic mechanisms that may undermine 90-90-90 in the era of universal test and treat (UTT).

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Congratulations to the START team on this great achievement!