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Fatima Al-Shimari

MPH Student in Global Health
Research Assistant

Fatima Al-Shimari is a second-year MPH student in the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. She received her undergraduate degrees in Biology (BS) and Chemistry (BA) from the University of Washington. Fatima loves engaging with all things related to research and innovation. During her undergraduate studies, she led various projects in collaboration with the University of Washington and the Seattle Children's Hospital. After completing her undergraduate studies, she worked as a researcher with the World Health Organization and other local and international NGOs and a few med-tech start-up companies abroad. She also helped plan and facilitate multiple international maternal and child health conferences, including the 2018 AMCHP Conference and the 2019 SAHM conference. Through the START Center, she hopes to apply her data analysis skills to better public health outcomes. Her research interests include maternal and child health, infectious diseases, social determinants of health, and Global Fund projects.