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Mohamed Albirair

PhD Student in Implementation Science
Research Assistant

Mohamed Albirair is a physician from Sudan and a Global Health Implementation Science PhD student in the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. After receiving his Master of Public Health in Global Health from the University of Washington, he continued to build his work experience in health systems research, where he joined the Public Health Institute in Khartoum and participated in evaluating Universal Health Coverage in Sudan. In his current position as an M&E officer at the Global Fund Prospective Country Evaluation Project in Sudan, he evaluates the Global Fund’s contribution to the national health indicator targets, the Global Fund’s business model, and strategic priority themes. Appreciating the importance of data, he seeks to enhance systems for data capturing and reporting, and promote the culture of data use to inform decision making for health programming. His research interests include health information system, enhancing infection control to prevent infection-related cancers, and innovations to improve country ownership to sustain and finance interventions and transition from external funds.