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START has been engaged by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to pivot to prioritizing several COVID-19 projects. Many of our START Research Assistants are now rapidly diverting their research skills and expertise towards the following projects to help end the pandemic.

COVID-19 India Interventions

The objective of this research request is to gather evidence from the literature on the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions globally. While India is in a 21-day lockdown, the request is to urgently find possible policy levers. The findings will be immediately fed into the UK model to provide policy guidance to the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister of India.

COVID-19 Health Systems and Delivery Landscape

This project will produce a baseline landscaping to (1) identify existing health systems-related insights relevant to the COVID-19 outbreak, (2) synthesize what is known about how individuals, communities and systems react, and (3) identify potential opportunities for how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation can better prepare health systems to respond.

COVID-19 in Pregnancy and Infancy Weekly Digest

This group will conduct a weekly literature search to identify newly available COVID-19 research on pregnant women and young children in peer-reviewed journals and grey literature channels to produce a weekly digest synthesizing the methods, key findings, and data from relevant studies.

COVID-19 Literature Situation Report

START has also been engaged by the Washington State Department of Health, in partnership with the University of Washington Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness, to curate a daily COVID-19 literature review, focusing on the articles most relevant to Washington State’s COVID-19 response. You can access these daily reports, and subscribe, here.