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DRC Survey

DRC Survey

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has limited ongoing investments in the DRC, particularly focused on health and development, and is in the process of considering a 2-5 year strategy that balances opportunities for impact with risks to successful implementation. To help inform this strategy, the Integrated Delivery team asked the START Center to review the trends and current indicators in sectors including health, finance, and infrastructure with a broad literature review of various types of literature (i.e. not a systematic formal review). This report will serve as both a reference guide for decision-making around investments in the DRC and as a framework to explore the dynamic challenges faced by the country. Literature reviews and informational interviews were done to collect this information, and a presentation to the DRC Working Group was given at the Foundation. Deliverables included the presentation, a report, all documents, and a document tracking system.


5 / 15 / 2017


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Final Presentation

DRC Survey Final Presentation
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Final Report

DRC Survey Final Report
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